On June 15, with the completion of the Spring House, we’re opening Big Ridge Mountain Club to members.

The four bedroom Spring House (so named for its proximity to the largest spring on the property) is the second of what will ultimately be about a half-dozen buildings on our 14 acres. The first was our tiny off-the-grid Writer’s Hut. The next structures (which we aim to start next year) will be the Kitchen House, a barn, an event pavilion and pool, and a three bedroom cottage. The summer after we open the next phase, we’ll expand our mighty club fleet. Sometime after that, we plan to build another cottage or two.

The Spring House can be used by two separate groups of four or five each, or one larger group. The upper level has two bedrooms (a king + daybed in one, two twins in the other), two and a half bathrooms, a big porch, full kitchen, laundry, and living room with fireplace. The garden level has two bedrooms (a queen and daybed in one, two twins in the other), one bathroom, a kitchenette, a small living room, and a covered patio. The two levels have separate entrances.

The upper level will comfortably accommodate four adults and a child (in the daybed). Same with the garden level. And, the Writer’s Hut—though still entirely off the grid—sleeps one additional person (provided they are comfortable roughing it). So, in total, a group of eleven can comfortably enjoy the whole property—that’s four couples without kids, or two families with two or three kids each. It’s also an ideal setup for an off-site retreat for a team of four to six.

We have several great housekeepers who are tending to the house between visits and who will also come during longer stays. Once we complete the Kitchen House (hopefully early 2024, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise), we’ll have a full-time staff to provide daily housekeeping and family-style meals for members.

Many thanks to all the people who’ve helped us “soft launch” over the last couple months. Having all sorts of visitors (strangers, friends, couples, and families) has helped us wrap our arms around the reservation process, housekeeping, provisioning, etc. I am not promising (or aspiring to) perfection, but they’ve helped us get a lot closer to that than we would have been had we just flung open the pasture gate and welcomed folks in.

In a week or so, newsletter subscribers will receive membership and pricing details via our newsletter.

P.S. Lots more pictures here.

June 17 update: We are now accepting members!

Posted on June 3, 2022 by Geoff Graham