Here’s a little map of our go-to restaurants in the Glenville-Cashiers-Highlands area.

For the full-screen version, click here. Some notes:

Categories. I grouped the restaurants into four categories:

Orange: Very casual,
Blue: Casual but you may need a reservation,
Green: Fine dining, and
Maroon: Very fine dining

Check to be sure they’re open before you head over.All of these restaurants are open in the summer, a few close in January, and some are only open seasonally. Most are closed either Sunday and Monday or Monday and Tuesday.

Some highlights from that list:

  • Very close crowd-pleaser. Happ’s Place is just one mile away (at the bottom of Big Ridge Road) and great for everyone. Live music on weekends. Casual. Reservation recommended.
  • Excellent take-out. On-the-side BBQ is open in the summer and fall and has outstanding BBQ. The adjoining farmer’s market is also great.
  • Hifalutin. You’ll need a reservation far in advance for Canyon Kitchen. It is truly outstanding (and you’ll pay for it!).
  • Dog-friendly. Happ’s Place (back porch) and Ugly Dog Cafe (patio) both welcome dogs.

Posted on January 28, 2023 by Geoff Graham